Take All Of Me

I am not here
To simply
Be an afterthought.

Nor a whim.

I am here
To be
The man
You always
Dreamed of.

To be the lover
That satisfies
Your every need.

To be the partner,
You wished for,
Working for,
Devoted to…


Do not play me.

Do not toy with me.

Take this moment,
To consider
What could be…

What a life together
Could mean…

For you…

For us.

Listen now,
In the quiet
Of your heart…

We could be one,
With a life,
Filled with love
And hope,
And commitment,
And total…


Don’t just take a
Part of me.

And forever…

Take all of me.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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