Just One Last Call

He stared
At those 10 digits
Lined up across the display
On his phone.

His right index finger,
Had selected those digits
With certainty…
Having dialed her number
So many times before.

And now,
That same finger hovered
One inch above
The “send” button
On that phone.

That same finger,


Struggled to complete
That familiar task,
Of simply pressing
The button…

To call her.

Both had agreed
That their relationship
Was failing.

Both had accepted
The nearness
Of the end,

And that there was
No need
To try,


To make it work.

But his heart
Still beat for her.

His body
Still needed her.

His mind
Still longed for her.

Just one last call.

She wouldn’t mind,
Would she?

Just one more chance
To hear her voice…

That’s all he wanted,
This night.

Just one last call.



© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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