In This New Year…

Before you leave…
And walk out
On a world
We dreamed of…
And longed for,

Know this…

Every moment
In my life,
Is completed,
And fulfilled
By you.

Every breath I take,
Is simply
A vessel
In which
To be flooded
With you.

Every thought
I have ever completed,
Every dream I ever dreamed
Are simply
Of a beautiful life
Painted by you.

So now,

As you turn to leave…

Turn to leave this old year behind,

Turn to

Leave me…

Leave us…

Please understand
That I admit to failing you,
And if ever there was a way
To undo the past…

I would race to do so,

But I


And while you are
Taking what is yours
And leaving
Our memories behind,

I will continue to
Cling to you,

If only in my mind.

A coming emptiness.

A coming loneliness.

A coming desolation.

All, in the coming

New year.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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