Goodnight Kiss

This woman,
On this first date,
This night…

Collected the last whisper
Of his breath,
Leaving him totally taken
By her.

Casual chic.

Razor-sharp intellect.

Understated elegance.

Glamorous smile.

Quirky sense of humor.

Commanding presence.


Left him rolling in waves
Of desire,
And respect.

But this first encounter
Was now drawing
To a close.

And on her front step,
He turned,
To look deeply
Into her eyes.

There she stood…



Neither expecting,
Or demanding,
Anything from him
Other than directness.

Whether drawn
Into her world,
Or pushed by some
Unknown force,
He felt himself
Lean forward,
To her…

Scant heat
From her cheek
Warmed his heart
As he drew near.

And then…
Lips met


And his whole world changed,
In just that moment.

Something so simple…
But yet,

So sumptuous,

And passionate…

Aching to become

All consummated

In a just this…

Goodnight kiss.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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