The Tear

On this New Year’s Eve,
Surrounded by noise,
And throngs,
And nothingness…

A man
And a woman
Were absorbing one another.

And as he drew her close,
He noted
On her cheek,




Leaving the smallest, glistening path,
From her eye,
Still shimmering,
Matching the warmth
Of her smile,
As it journeyed
Across her lustrous skin.

It was as if that single tear,

Was there

Only for one reason…

To reflect the glow from her heart,
And in its simply perfect way,
To radiate the love she offered him.

So in this moment,
Despite the meaningless
Cacophony around them,
That single
Small tear, poised on her cheek,
Spoke above the noise
Without her speaking…

Just a simple glimmer…

That diamond of her eye,
More brilliant than the diamond
He placed slowly, and with certainty,
On her ring finger,
So many years before.

And despite the swirling people
In another orbit,
Circling this private,
Personal world
Of this committed
Man and woman…

They found themselves transfixed,
On one another,


By one,





© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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