This Affair

In hindsight, his wife had sensed
That something
Was wrong,
Terribly wrong.

His interactions with her
And when they
Did speak,
He began to distance
Himself from her.

His nighttime absences
Seemed awkward,
And for no
Logical reason.

She simply knew
That something wasn’t right.

Though she never
Saw the lipstick,
Smelled the perfume,
Or found the love notes…

He had fallen for another.

This lover,
In his eyes,
Was so alluring
And captivating,

Never failing to satisfy him…

And was always available.

With just the right curves,
She was the perfect
Size 5…

5 mg.

When he felt the pain,
5 gave him relief.

When he was lonely,
5 wrapped him in her arms.

When he simply
Wanted to disappear,
5 made him invisible.

5 was the perfect mistress.

But this affair
Was now over…

5 had left him for another,
And taking with her
His breath,
And heartbeat…

Stripping him
Of his very life.

So taking one last
Look at her husband
Before the coffin lid
Was closed,
This woman,
The wife of
This now deceased man,

She wept for him
And his life cut short.

She wept for
Their children,
Who would never
See their father again.

And she wept for herself,
Hoping that the tears
Would somehow
Wash the pain away…

And all the memories

Of this affair.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

6 thoughts on “This Affair

      1. It seems it’s going to be sorrowful in a certain way but then you turn it just so and it becomes a symbol of another kind of pulling away and loss.

        Your afternoon words are always so full of thought in their pauses and choices.

        Liked by 1 person

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