Food For The Heart

When all is said,
And done.

When our time on this earth,
Draws to a close…

What would we consider
As being important?

What would we remember
As being meaningful?

What would we wish
To remain in our hearts,
And minds,
For eternity?

This is what I say…

That we have a merciful God,
Ready to forgive,
Despite our unworthiness.

That the simple experiences in life,
Are what matter the most.

That the beautiful,
Memorable things
That we see,
And hear,
And feel,
And taste,
And smell,

Add another dimension,
To a joyful existence.

But most important,
Are the moments
Of our lives,
Spent with friends,
And family,
Enjoying those great gifts
Of this earth…

Enjoying our moments,


Food for the heart.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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