As I Lay By Your Side

Just the scant darkness
Remained in the bedroom,
As dawn fought
To dispel night.

Just enough light,
For me to see you,

Breathing slowing,
As if your body
Conducted its own
In bliss.


Each inhale,

Each exhale,

An individual testament,
To your perfect rest,
And hushed peace.

I couldn’t help but look
At you in this quiet,
Absorbing the beauty
Of this moment,

The sheets and blanket
Struggled to obscure
The lustrous lines
Of your figure.

The heat of your breath
Warmed our bedroom
On this cold winter night,
Thwarting all the dark,
And moistening the dry
Icy world.

And in this tranquilty,
I watched,
And listened,
And absorbed you.



Commanding my attention,
And love…

Even in your sleep.

As I lay by your side,
I waited,
So desperately waited,
For you to wake…

To look at me,

To smile
Framed by the waves of your curl,
Magnifying your sexiness,

And then,
To extend your hand

To mine,

Igniting yet another fire

Melting the cold of this new day.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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