Making The Pieces Fit

Without question,
He had fallen deeply,
And hopelessly
In love with her.

Weekends spent together,
Were now commonplace.

They had consumed each other…
Tasting a depth of passion.

This man,
And this woman,
Had peeled back the layers…

Exposing the reality,
And flaws,
Of one another…

And in doing so,
With greater certainty,
Their love.

But the chains of society
Shackled their dreams
To frameworks of the past.

Through the eyes of their families

He, an outcast…

She, an outcast…

No love worthy of
Desecrating ancestral traditions.

So with heaviness of heart,
They loved one another with abandon.

Neither knowing the future…
Nor wanting to.

There was nothing left now…

Other than to embrace
Each day
As if it was their last…

Of a life together…

And with God’s grace,
Find a way,
To make

All the pieces fit.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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