And In Return…

Did I just hear you say “Yes”
To the most important question,
That a man could ever ask?

Did my ears deceive me?

Did you just agree
To marry…


Of all the men you considered
So much more important,
And powerful,
And wealthy…

You have said “yes”…

To me?

Fighting the tears welling up,
Steadying the voice that
Is now failing,
From emotion…

Looking into your eyes,
And wanting so desperately
To serve you,
And please you,


This is all I can say…

There is nothing more pure,
And sacred,
And compelling,
Than your love.

This imperfect man,
Is not worthy
Of you…

But so grateful,
And honored,
To be considered so.

Know this.

On that day,
When we stand before that altar,
Our friends,
And our God,

My heart will leap
When I hear you say
“I do.”

And in return,
You will hear my commitment
To you,
And only you…




© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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