That Full Moon

He sat alone
One late fall night,

Warmed by the fire,
And his thoughts
Of her.

The night sky
Clear with the
Onset of winter,
Offered more stars
To his eyes…

An illimitable,
Display of God’s

But each star,
Each lustrous galaxy
Splayed across
The heavens,
All subordinated
To the splendor
Of that full Moon.


That Moon,
Captured his eyes,
And his mind.

More deeply,
It captured
His heart.

Though alone,
That glorious
Full Moon burned
For him
As if a beacon,

Its unmatched
Its presence.

And in doing so,
Made him
Think of her.

Where was she,
At this moment?

What thoughts
Filled her mind?

And was she gazing
At that same beautiful
Full Moon…
Now a bridge
Between their hearts,

Dreaming of him…

As he was dreaming of her?

In the stillness
Of that night,
Darkness pierced
By the glow of that fire,

His ears…
His mind…
And his heart…

Listened for the answer,
Hoping that somehow,
Someway he would know.

And in that moment,
Something drew
His eyes
From those swirling flames,
To that resplendent,
All-knowing Moon…

And the answer it
Whispered to him…


She is dreaming of you.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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