Can I See You?

Late one cold November night,
I sat outside in front of
A bon fire,
And started thinking
Of you.

Can I see your beauty,
Gracefully flowing
In the twisting
Ever-changing palette
Of light?

Can I hear your
Heart call
In the pops,
And murmurs
Of the embers
Birthing their life,
And warmth?

Can I sense,
And smell,
And taste,
The luxury
Of your passion,
In the redness
Of the pulsing energy?

Can I feel you here,
Beside me,
With me,

The answers are certain.

On this
Late fall evening…
Before this fire,
And all the crystal clear

My life remains
Completely taken.

Everywhere I look,
Everything I sense,
Everything my heart consumes,
Is enrobed
By the thoughts,
And sounds,

And irrepressible beauty
I forever see

In you.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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