The Embrace


At some point
During the days
That they
Spent together…

They connected
In a deeper way.

It wasn’t expected,
Nor was it desired…

It just happened.

That they both
To another…
Was tragic.

And undeniable,
The attraction grew

As days turned
To months
The tension only built,
In its grip
On their hearts.

Then one night,
While out with
Mutual friends,
Everyone exchanged
Hugs when they met.

And so did the two.

But so
Longed for.

What was meant
To be
Only a casual
Of welcome,
Was completely
Different for them.

Arms finding
Their way around
One another,
They closed their
Bodies together,
For it to be more,
But each wishing
That it was.

Close now,
He could feel
Her against him,
As she could
Of him,
As well.

In this moment,
All they had feared,
And dreamed of
Became real.

Neither wanted
Others to sense
That this was more
Than what it
Should be…

Both fought
The feeling,
So desperately,
So helplessly,
But deep down,
There was rapture.

Just seconds,
But feeling
As if years,
They held
Each other…

Just a little longer…

And perhaps,
Just a little tighter.

Both knowing

That this was
No hug…

It was,




© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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