At the end of this long day,
Something made me pause.

Chores done,
Everything ready for the
Next work day,
I would have normally headed
To my favorite spot
To write.

But this night was different.

Something urged me otherwise,
From my desk and writing…

House quiet,
Cat resting
Before a warming fire,
I sensed a special peace,
Enrobing me
As a soft winter snowfall
Drapes its world.

Yes, this had been a tough year,
Much went wrong…
But some went right as well.

Successes struggled against
My failures,
But I was still here…
Moving forward,
Trying mightily
To be comfortable
With the ever uncertainty
And discomfort
Of living this life.

And in this moment
Of unanticipated reflection,
It occurred to me just
How fortunate I am.

So many,
Have so little
When I enjoy comfort.

Across this world
So many fight for
Their freedom,
And a chance to live their lives
With self-determination…
But I enjoy liberty.

I have heat on this cold
Blustery late fall evening,
And sustenance in the pantry,
And fresh water at the tap…

When many have nothing.

And so,
I stopped,
And acknowledged
All my many blessings…

A meaningful life,

A beautiful bride,

And a merciful God,
Somehow willing
To forgive my many sins.

In this moment…


I am deeply,
And completely…



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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