High Wire

Have you ever wanted to love
So badly,
That you would risk
Your greatest fall
To do so?

Have you ever needed someone
More than your life itself,
To fill your loneliness,
And heal your heart?

Have you ever stood on the edge,
Looking down,
Thousands of feet below,
And knowing
The only way to get to that love,
To reach that person you’ve
Always longed for,

Was to cross that high wire before you?

Are you willing to step out on that wire?

Twenty paces to safety.

Wind howling…

Fear building in your gut…

Knowing that one slip,
The most delicate loss of balance,
The simple second of lost confidence,
Results in your plunge to forever loss.

Are you willing to step out on that wire?

To put it all on the line…
For me?

Twenty paces away,
I am there…
Looking at you,

Longing for you.

Stepping out on that wire for you.

Knowing that if I fall,
I will have done so trying to reach you.

Knowing that if we meet,
Somewhere in the middle,
Our lives face no less risk,

But our hearts will be joined,
And perfect,
And complete
For the rest of our lives.

I have stepped out on that wire….

Keep your eyes on mine…

Step out on that wire with me.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

4 thoughts on “High Wire

      1. yes… we must… I believe it is comparatively easy to overcome your fears when it is your loved one who will be affected as a result of it. Great thought!!


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