Perfect in Every Way

We sat in that restaurant one evening,
Savoring an exceptional dinner
And bottle of wine.

The other patrons were having
An equally enjoyable night
And their voices added undertones
Of background and vibrancy.

As our table was cleared
You started to update me
On something you and your friends
Were planning.

But as I listened,
Gazing into your eyes,
I began to get lost in the moment.

Though I saw your lips moving,
My sense of hearing seemed
To fade,
As if the murmurs
From the other patrons
And your words to me…
Blended to a whisper.

My sense of sight,
Also began to change.

It was as if everything before me
Softened to blur…

Except you.

My eyes consumed everything
Of your beauty.

First, your dark, lustrous eyes shined
With their own fire.

Then, your waves of rich mahogany hair
Cascaded down your shoulders,
Generating a silky sense of movement.

Lastly, your lips,
Begged me to touch them.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want
To listen to you.

But on that evening,

At that table,

In that moment,

I was totally distracted,
And completely consumed
By your presence,

Your glamour,

Your sensuality,

And Your beauty.

More than I could grasp…


In every way.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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