Middle Aged Woman…Middle Aged Man

Now, the paths of their lives
Were covered in shards,
Of previous relationships.

Marriages broken.

Memories destroyed.

Emotions tattered.

Families torn.

Neither this woman,
Nor this man,
Had wanted their lives
To take these paths.

But both had.

And now they found themselves

Walking on those shards,
Piercing their flesh,
And hurting their hearts…

Each wanted desperately
To find peace,
And healing,
And love…

And neither knew the other,
Nor knew of their parallel lives,
Though every morning they
Arrived in the same office building,
At nearly the same time.

Other than incidental eye contact
On the elevator,
There were only pleasantries exchanged
When she exited at Floor 6,
And he continued to 9.

While they were physically close
In that elevator,
Neither knew how closely matched
Their empty lives were.

If fate just offered a chance,
Just presented that one moment
That necessitated something
Beyond casual conversation…

They might truly connect,
And recognize how healing
Each could be for the other.

But that chance of fate
Had yet to come.

And so,
This middle-aged woman,
And this middle-aged man,

Continued to drift with their pain,
So close to healing,
But unaware of the other’s
Similar needs.

Looking for release,
And a new chance at life.

Longing to touch,
And be touched.

Wanting so badly
To love again.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


2 thoughts on “Middle Aged Woman…Middle Aged Man

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I think that really good things in life are close by, we just have to be open to them and aware. Just trying to capture a little of that in this poem. Glad you liked it!

      Liked by 1 person

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