Point of No Return

They had gradually progressed
Through the standard rituals
Of dating.

A quick hug and goodbye
At night’s end.

Quite intentional
“Unintentional” touches
As they spent more time

And then,
A more intimate…




All the standard things
That mark the
Major milestones
Of a growing relationship.

But recently,
Things took
A decidedly different path.

The dinner out
That night,
Wasn’t terribly remarkable,

But something between them,

Each felt a building tension

It was as if every ounce
Of emotion
Began to well up…

Waves building
Upon waves.

Even before the end
Of the dinner,
Each tasted a different
Conclusion to this night.

It wasn’t a question of

It wasn’t a question of

It wasn’t a deliberate
Decision to move forward.

But each sensed…

Each knew…

That tonight would
Be different.


Their bodies,
And hearts,


Hungered for,


A physical consummation.

A hug…
A kiss…
No longer sufficed.

Tonight they longed for an understanding
Of what was beyond.

To a newness…

Crossing a line…

Past the
Point of no return.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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