Deep Down Inside

He sees her nearly every day at work.

And every day…
She takes away his breath.

It’s not simply her beauty,
Nor sensuality.

Both, of which
Leave an indelible mark
Of desire
On his heart.

It’s much more profound than that.

When he is near to her,
His emotions are taken to another place.

The way she speaks to him
Is like the rhythmic tranquility
Of gentle ocean waves
Caressing the shoreline.

The way she looks at him
Warms him,
Like a bon fire on a cool fall evening.

And once in a while…
Just when he least expects it…
They inadvertently touch,
Fueling a fire…

And he hopes she doesn’t notice.

For deep down inside,
He knows that he is
In love with her.

And perhaps she feels the same.

But the “circumstances” of their lives
Cannot allow them to acknowledge it…
And act on it.

So nearly every day,
When he sees this woman
Who captures the very essence of
His desire to love,
He wears his platonic smile,
While dreaming of a different
Place and time…
With her.

Resigned forever,
To chain his heart,
And bind his true feelings for her…

Deep down inside.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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