Will you take my hand?

Walk with me on this journey.

Everything about life and love lies before us,
To explore and savor.

There is so much in our days…our lives
To experience,

Could it be done alone?

Could we live our lives apart,
And still taste the sweetness of
Our days?

Of course.

But imagine the opportunity we have,
To live this life…
The only one we have…
This one chance…
In the arms of one another.

There is no love stronger than our love.

There is no passion that burns brighter,
And with more heat,
Than ours.

Tonight, let’s make a pact,
Between your heart and mine,

That no man and woman…

For the rest of eternity…

Will commit themselves to one another
More deeply,

Will cherish their time together
More completely,

Will love each other
More fervently.

Take my hand,
Walk with me on this journey…

Let’s show this world,
How to live,
And love.

Let’s become a legend,


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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