The Zen of Her Yin

There is a certain fire
To me.

Always too hot,
Demanding perfection,
Consuming all…

But knowing,
Deep down inside,
That my life,
And persona lacked balance…
And peace.

Then I met you.

The softness of your eyes
Smoothed my constant urgency.

The coolness of your whisper
On my neck dampened the fire
Of my incessant heat.

The calmness of your grace,
Nurtured a peace
I needed,
And wanted so desperately.

So now with you,
I have found a shade
When my body burns too brightly.

I have found a new balance
Gifted to me by your wisdom
And serenity.

I have found everything
I have ever dreamed of…

All because of you.

A total Zen…

From your Yin.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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