First Star Of The Night

As I sit here,
On my front step,
Watching the sun
Leave another day,
And night approach…

I wait to see the first star
Of evening.

This seems such
A simple,
And insignificant thing.

But for me,
That first star seen,
Represents something unique,
Special for that particular day,
And moment in history.

Never again,
Will circumstances in my life be
Exactly as they are
Right now.

Every twilight,
The passing of this particular day
To its twin night
Will never again be repeated.

So tonight,
I sit alone on my front step,
Savoring one more time,
The transition of my day,
To my night…

Anxious to receive the gift
Of that first star.

Whether Arcturus,
Or Polaris,
Or Vega,
Or Deneb…

Each opens to me as a
Special gift,
Reminding me to be thankful

For having had one more day

To live

In this beautiful world.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.



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