Write For Me

I could look her directly
In the eyes,
And want so badly
To tell her that I love her…

But I was too self-conscious,
And shy.

I could hold her hand in mine,
Feel her pulse steady,
Then building in beat,
And want to touch her
More deeply…

But was afraid of her reaction.

And over the days and weeks
I yearned to express myself,
And my feelings for her,
With so much more intensity,
And intimacy.

But, I could not bring myself
To do so.

Somehow, someway,
She sensed my anguish.

Always confident,
Always knowing what to say,
And how to say it…
She was simply the perfect communicator,
And whispered this to me…

“I know you love me,
I can see it in your eyes,
And I can feel it in your heart.”

“But if you’re worried about anything,”
She added,
“And you don’t know how to tell me,
Do this.”

“Write for me.”

In that moment,
I felt that heavy weight of shyness
Lifted from my shoulders.

Writing was my world.

I didn’t have to confront anyone,
Or anything
In that world,
Unless done so on my terms.

There, I found peace,
And strength.

So I took her advice,
And with classic
Parchment paper,
And a fountain pen…

I began a new literary journey.

Every syllable my lips couldn’t
Seem to form…

Every emotion I couldn’t
Find the way to convey to her,
In a deeply personal way…

Came forth,
Gushing from my heart,
Flowing in lustrous cursive handwriting.

Ink from the pen,
Saying what my heart needed said,
But my lips could not.

And when I completed
That love letter,
Expressing so much on that
One page…

I handed her that parchment…

That testament…

That commitment of me
To her.

As she read my covenant of love,
I saw her lips try to move…
I saw her breath quicken…

And then,
A single tear
Traced a path down her cheek.

This beautiful woman,
Always ready with the right words,
Now, could not seem to find them.

But her eyes conveyed to me
What now,
Her lips could not.

And I understood everything,
Everything left unspoken.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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