I find myself,
More and more,
Thinking about you.

It no longer matters who knows,
Or what people choose to believe.

Whether it’s right or wrong…

Whether it’s good for me,
Or bad…

None of that matters.

I can’t stop,
Don’t want to stop,
Dreaming of you.

It’s to the point now,
Where my waking moments
Are wholly consumed by you.

And at work?
The same.

Maybe someday,
I will regret all of this…
How I gave my heart
And very being,
To love you.

How I would give anything,
To be with you.

How desperately I need you
To whisper to me,
“I love you.”

My friends tell me
That I am obsessing,
That I need to
“Get over it.”

Maybe that’s true.

Maybe my behavior is
Completely uncalled for.

Maybe I’ve totally lost perspective,
And need to rebalance.

Maybe, just maybe,
I could stop thinking of you.

Maybe, just maybe,
I’ll keep living,
And hoping,
That you will love me.

But until then,
My life is consumed by thoughts
Of you,

And my heart knows no better,
Than to yearn for you…

And beat…



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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