What Do You Need?

Are you tired of the grind?

Ask me how I can sooth you.

Do you need to rest,
And relax,
And throw off all
The burdens of your workday?

Grant me the moment to cook
For you,
And provide for you.

Do you need,
And want so badly,
To feel respected,
And loved
For the exceptional,
And beautiful woman that you are?

Give me just one moment
To honor you.

Do you need someone
To help shoulder your burdens,
And stand ready to be
Your constant supporter
And companion?

That person is me…
Here for you.

Do you need,
And want…
More than anything in this life,
To be loved,
And cherished,
As if you were the most precious
Gem in this world?

That is me.
I want nothing more,
Than to serve,
And love you…

With all my heart.

Know this…

When you question what
This world holds for you…

When you question who
Will be there for you,
In your darkest times…

When you contemplate what your
Life is meant to bring…
And meant to be…

This is the answer.

I am here,

To take care of you…

To serve you…

To honor,
And love you.

To be all you need.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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