Like all of us,
I had my defenses
Fully developed.

Hurt before…
And never again…
My mind,
And heart
Were armored.

But then,
You came into my life.

With the skilled hands
Of a surgeon,
You began to open me.

As the days followed,
Me learning you…
And you…
My mind and heart
Began to sense
A safeness in your hands.

And with your delicate touch
You began to find the seams
In my defenses.

Gently, you urged me forward
In our journey,
One layer at a time
As if slowly removing the outermost
Petals of a rose…
And then the next
Until we found ourselves
At the center of the blossom.

First, you found a way
Through my shell of
Total self-reliance,
As you got me to trust,
And understand again,
How important it was
To have someone,
So special,
In my life.

Through the scars,
Layers of hurt
From all relationships
Previously gone wrong,
You soothed my wounds.

Lastly, you made your way
Through the last layer…
The most difficult…
The defense of my heart.

For years,
I had let no one past
This most sensitive point,
To really know,
And connect,
At a deep,
And intimate way.

But the more time
I spent with you,
And communicated
At all levels,
I couldn’t help but fall
So deeply,
In love.

So now…

Here I am.

Emotionally naked to

Here I am,
All the defenses gone,
All the layers gone.

Opening my life,
And commitment,
And heart,
To you.

I am ready.

I am yours.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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