Note In A Bottle

If I were to write a note to you,
Place it in a bottle,
And cast the bottle into
The sea…

What would I write?

Knowing that bottle could travel
For years, tossed by
The oceans of the earth….

What would I write?

Knowing that bottle may find its
Way to the hands of another,
In another land,
Who never knew you or me…

What would I write?

Knowing that the bottle may
Ultimately be lost at sea,
Plunging to the depths,
And my words known
Only to God…

What would I write?

Penned by my heart,
This is what I would write…

“To whomever finds this bottle,
And inside,
My most personal feelings about
The most important part of my life…
Let me tell you about her.

If you would ever need someone
To catch you when you fall…
It would be her.

If ever the pain you endure
Brings you to your knees
And all you can do is to
Fight through the tears,
And look for a hand to hold…
It would be hers.

If ever your life lacked romance,
And passion,
And a burning love,
And you wanted desperately
To adore and treasure a soulmate…
Her flame, and softness would satisfy
Your longings.

There is one special person on
This earth for each of us…
To hold,
And cherish,
And love like each day was
Our last to live.

I have been blessed
To find,
And marry this woman.

Do everything you can…
To find this person,

And cling to her as if your life
Depended on it…

For it surely does.”


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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