A Lesson In Dance

I have always loved to dance.

To engage with a beautiful
Woman on the dance floor
Is one of the most sensual
And passionate experiences
In life.

But when I met you…
All of that was fueled,
And rose to a decidedly
Higher level of intimacy,
And fervency.

You loved to dance as well,
And one night, provoked me…
“I want to Salsa” you demanded,
And would accept nothing less.

So Friday evening I met you
At a local club in Miami…

Hot, humid outside,
And the same inside.

Each with a drink
Each with anticipation…
We waited for the perfect rhythm.

And then, Oscar D’Leon’s
“LLoraras” began.

You drew me to that dance floor,
Parting the bodies,
Lights pulsing,
Music driving all.

And when we found our spot,
You turned to me,
Smiled in the most
And beguiling way…

And began to sway…
Defining beauty
And sexiness.

In that moment…
I joined you…
And I finally, truly began to understand
The depth
And intensity of
Latin dance.

A strong under-beat carried us
Around that dance floor.

Your glorious,
Tawny waves mimicked
The beat,

Your hips matched mine,
Synchronized sensuality,
Fueling an inner heat,
Burning us both.

Moving together as if
That was all we ever did…
Or wanted to do.

Pulses pushed the limit,
Sweat pouring from me
We ran the beat to its
Maximum, moving as if this is what
We were born to do,
In the hands,
And arms and
Bodies of one another.

And when the beat came to a close,
You dropped my hand,
Looked me in the eyes…

And kissed me…

And passionately,
There…on that dance floor.

My heart was in my throat,

I savored you,
Your beauty,
Your sexiness,

And that lustful,
Completely consuming….

Lesson in dance.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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