So how do I describe her?

101 proof.

One sip of her is near over indulgence.

Her presence…

There is a smoothness to this woman.

Chic, elegant, captivating.

But there is an edge as well…


She states,
And commands a presence,
Unmanageable to most.

A careful balance of
Grit and total,

Think not of matching her…
You will be disappointed.

Think not of directing this woman…
You will fail…

Think not of co-opting her thoughts…
No one can.

But know this…

To gain her trust,
To gain her respect,

And if you’re lucky,
Incredibly lucky…
To gain her love,

Do this.

Give her your life,
And expect nothing in return.

Listen to her,
With neither pre-conceptions,
Nor judgement.

And love her with totality.

But above all,

Understand that she is proud,
And beautiful,
And unequalled,

And perfectly…



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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