Ever so slowly,
She injected herself into me.

Drop by drop…
Minute after minute,
Hour after hour,
She poured herself
Into my veins.

And in doing so,
Coursed through my entire body,
Heart struggling fiercely
To move her serum…
Thick and potent as it was.

The resulting, physiological impact
Was immense, and immediate.

My pulse quickened,
Not only to move this beautiful woman throughout my body with haste,
But also as a result of the hormones released,
The biological consequence
Of her decidedly intimate presence.

The psychological impact was no less severe.

With her now in me,
My neural activity was ruled by
This Muse.

Electrical pulses firing,
Synapses alight…
And wholly governed by her.

No thought existed other than those
Centered on her.

No memory existed other than those
Of my passionate encounters,
Serving her every need.

My will to think,
And focus,
And reason,
Had now,
Been totally co-opted by this woman.

A small part of my being struggled
To be free from this invasion,
Of me…
By her.

But a larger part,
Accepted this occupation,
And sensing
That my life
Had now changed…

All from that first kiss,

And the injection of her…

Into my very soul.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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