It’s Complicated

Sometimes she made him so angry…

She pointed out his mistakes
Attesting to when he was wrong,
And she was right.

But she was so brilliant,
And intriguing,
And sexy.

She gave him endless lists of chores,
As if he had nothing to do,
And then added more.

But her smile and quirky wit
Always captivated him.

She asked him to cook for her,
But her palate was quite refined,
And her expectations were always so high.

But when she consumed with her
Body and heart, what he had prepared,
It pleased him immensely.

She was always late when they needed
To leave, on time, to attend a function.

But when she came down those stairs
Heading, finally, to the car…
Her beauty and sophisticated elegance
Took away his breath.


All in all, his life, and emotions
Were always spinning…
From the ups and downs
Of living with this beautiful woman…
His Muse.

And at some point, he realized
That their relationship was something
That he would never completely understand.

Some might call it love….
And, yes…
He thought that was the case.

But what he knew with certainty…

It was complicated.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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