The Perfect Life

While I was waiting in the doctor’s office today,
I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation
Of an elderly couple… reminiscing.

Their initial comments seemed to address
His illness,
Which apparently was worsening,
And deeply worrying to both.

But then, the conversation took
A different direction,
Away from his illness…
And toward their life together,
And their invaluable memories.

Though their voices were low,
The brightness in their eyes,
Spoke loudly, and unabashedly
Of their undiminished love.

Grand children and growth…

Their own children, and how proud they were…

The blessings of good friends still alive…

So many things seemed to make them both smile…
Despite what apparently
Was his dismal prognosis.

The more this wonderful couple spoke,
The more I heard, and understood…

Not the specifics of their lives…

But the realization of my own.

This couple had apparently run the good race,
And despite the grave challenges that
Lay before them,
Expressed a deep satisfaction with their lives,
And an abundance of peace.

And in their doing so,
Put my own life in perspective.

It was neither riches,
Nor success…

Neither power,
Nor fame.

In this moment,
As a result of this unexpected grace,
I realized,
And accepted,
And wanted to change with all my heart.

In this doctor’s tiny office,
Amidst the routine of insignificance,
I finally understood…

What it meant to live…

And love…

The perfect life.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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