For No Reason

He was amazed when
He visited the website
Of his favorite florist.

So many times he had been
In their shop
Over all these years.

Perfect arrangements…
Fresh blooms.

Everything he
Ever wanted,
And needed when
He knew she needed…
A lift,
And a token of his love,
When life weighed her down.

But now, on the shop’s
New website…
He struggled.

Yes, it was easy to identify
And get a good look
At their unique,
And exceptionally crafted arrangements.

But after he selected
A particularly perfect setting
Of tropical flowers,
The website stifled him.

The brilliant red ginger,
And pastel fragrance of plumeria,
Were awaiting his order completion…
But for that damnable website.

All he wanted to do was complete
His checkout
And send this tropical palette
Of sight, color, and perfume
To his lover.

But in the “Special Occasion” block
This unforgiving website required
An input.


It wasn’t “Birthday.”

It wasn’t “Anniversary.”

It wasn’t “Happy Holidays.”

It wasn’t “With Sympathy.”

The options were endless…
And maddening.

There was no selection
For what he needed,
And wanted,
And felt with
In his heart.

This day,
At this moment,
His simply wanted to express
Himself to the most beautiful
Woman he ever knew…
The one who had captured his heart,
And his very reason to live.

This order of these glorious
Natural gems…
A banquet of sight
And smell,
Was needed…

But not for the constrained listings
Of that frustrating website.

He just wanted her to know,
And feel,
How much he loved her…
And that everything
Was going to be okay.

This bouquet…
From him…
Of him…
Was sent from his heart…
For no particular reason…

But just to let her know
And deeply,
How much he loved her.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.



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