Is This A Special Occasion?

This special night
Marked the end of one chapter,
And the beginning of another
In their lives.

After 35 years of marriage…
Four, now grown children given life,
And a solid start on their own
Adult journey,
Tonight marked the anniversary,
Of the inception of a marriage,
And life together.

He wanted this night to be
Perfect for his bride,
So he chose the best restaurant in
Their town,
To take her out,
And take her heart in…
Into his,
In a deeply personal,
And meaningful way.

So when they were finally seated
At that small table…
White linen cloth…
The gleam of shimmering crystal goblets,
And perfectly situated silver service,
The waiter approached,
And introduced himself.

As if reciting a script,
The waiter welcomed them,
Mentioned the specials,
And then asked…

“Is this a special occasion?”

And at that moment,
The beautiful woman,
Sitting there,
Across from her husband,
Consumed his mind and

As the waiter asked that unassuming question,
This husband’s world slowed,
And his emotions took him inward,
To his deepest thoughts
And feelings.

Special occasion?

Pondering the question,
Everything seemed to

He no longer heard the voices
Of the other restaurant patrons,
The world around him froze
In that moment.

Before him sat
The most beautiful woman he ever met.

Undeserving of her,
She said “Yes” at that chapel,
Thirty-five years ago.

She put up with his constant absence,
Serving their country,
But in doing so,
Leaving her.

She raised four perfect,
And wonderful children,
Instilling in them a solid
Sense of right and wrong.

When his father passed,
She held his hands,
Comforted him,
And wiped away his tears.

And now…
The waiter asked him again…
If this was a “special occasion.”

In that moment,
His world restarted,
And he looked at that unassuming

“Special occasion…” the husband remarked.

“Yes,” he answered.

But that was a half-truth.

The total truth was this…

No man deserved the angel
Sitting across from him.

But by God’s grace,
She was there,
With him.

So…”special occasion”?
No…it was so much more than
A “special occasion.”

It was his very life,
Gifted to him,

By her.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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