Out of Bounds

It didn’t happen right away.


It crept up on both of them.

Over the months of being in
The same meetings,
And seeing each other,
Something changed.

Their time together took on
A different feel.
Though solving the problems of work,
The chemistry of the moment,
Created an unexpected,
And uncomfortable,

Now, it wasn’t simply communicating.
It was an exchange of emotion.

Now, they unconsciously,
Sought the unintentional touch,
As they exchanged documents.

But their perfect,
Married lives,
Framed reality…
For both.

Despite the perhaps, unwanted…
Or maybe not…
They continued to maintain their professionalism.

At least…
On the outside.

But inside,
Both yearned for a different reality.

Unbounded passion,
And yearning,
Consumed the minds of each.
But knowing,
That it was never to be.

Their fantasized love,
Could not…

Would not…


This touch.

This sense,

Was, and would remain,


Out of bounds.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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