The Vase

He was so ashamed,
So ashamed that he
Could not provide for her.

His whole life had been one of want.
Working so hard, but barely
Making ends meet.

And now,
She was with him,
And he wanted more than anything,
To take care of her.

But his expression of
His love for this woman,
Though unconstrained in its passion,
And commitment,
Was bounded by his hardship,
And he wished so badly
That he could offer her more.

But that was not meant to be.

So he did the best he could do
To show her,
And love her.

Deep in the nearby woods,
Was a clearing…
An opening for sunlight
Hidden from most,
But known to him,
And the abundance of wild flowers
That thrived in that secret oasis.

This was a special place for him.

When the worries of his life
Weighed heavily on his soul,
He often went to this tranquility
For solace,
And reflection.

The wild flowers there
Painted a picture of peace for his
Troubled mind and
Hurting heart,
Always giving him comfort.

So now…
Wanting so badly to give this
Beautiful woman, so much,
He went there again,
Hoping to find a special gift for her.

Sensing his pain,
Those wildflowers,
Spoke to him…

Red poppies, Black-eyed Susans,
Bluebonnets, Lupine,
And Plains Coreopsis,
Cried out for his attention…
Offering their lives,
Their very existence…
Gifting themselves for him,
And his love.

So one by one,
These glorious gifts of the earth,

He had no vase for these resplendent blossoms,
Just a common Mason jar,
Filled not only with water,
But now with the radiance of
His wild flower friends,
Committing themselves completely.

Back, now, at her doorstep
He quickly placed this bouquet there,
Knowing that it was not enough…
But it was all he had.

When she finally made it home,
After a long, hard day,
The rainbow of his love,
There, on the step,
Brightened her heart.

It was this that she found…

A simple note from him.
Flowing long hand,
The ink spelling
“I love you more than life itself.”

And the oasis of beautiful wild flowers,
Who willingly,
And wantingly,
Showered her front step with their glory…

In that simple,

But to her…perfect…



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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