The Strength of Your Softness

You didn’t even know that
You were doing it…
And how often you did it.

But I did.

Moments of everyday life,
Just watching you…
Captured me, and
Defined the essence of you,
A beautiful…
And strong,

Maybe I should have told you,
But there have been times…
So many, that I can’t remember,
At how deeply you moved me.

There is a fierceness in your spirit,
That is uncommon,
And inspiring.

So many times,
I stood in awe,
At how hard you work.

So many times,
I respected you,
For your grit,
And determination,
To do the right thing,
Regardless of the consequences.

So many times,
I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed,
At your diligence,
And commitment,
To do what is good,
In this world.

So many times,
I felt your warmth,
And your passion,
Even when I was a lesser man,
And not worthy of
Your grace.

In each of our lives,
We are fortunate,
And blessed,
To connect…
With one that defines what is
Meant to live a complete,
And meaningful life.

So if I haven’t told you,
Listen to me…

I love you,
And feel this way for no other.

It is your strength…

It is your softness…

That makes me want to commit
My life to you.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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