Opening the Night Sky

After observing a summer’s worth
Of glorious sunsets,
He thought he finally,
Finally had a way to explain…


Describe her beauty.

But he still struggled…

It was more than the illimitable
Spectrum of ever-changing color.

It was more than the moment,
And how it defined,
So peacefully,
The transition of one time
In life,
To another.

Her beauty…
So much more.

And then one late summer evening,
He decided to stay outside,
Past this sunset picture
Of her.

And in doing so,
He finally understood
What was missing,
When he tried
So desperately in his mind,
To define her.

As the twilight transformed
Into night,
His pupils opened to the
Ensuing dark.

The vestiges of light surrendered
To the horizon…
Hidden for another day,
But in doing so,
Enrobing his world in the deep,
Blue blackness of night.

And then,
The stars began to glimmer,
And then glow,
Establishing their rightful
Position in the heavens.

As the dome of darkness above him
Grew in the depth of black,
Each star,
As if struggling to establish itself,
And its purpose for existing,
Burned all the more brightly.

It was in that moment,
That he fully realized,
And understood her beauty,
And the irreplaceable depth
Of her love,
For him.

It was as if each star,
In the heavens above,
Began burning,
And in their beautiful embers,
Spread across his night sky…

Opened themselves.

As if each was a special gift,

Of her,

From her,

To him.

It was this opening,

Of this night sky,

That finally captured,

Her essence,

And beauty,

And love…


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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