Bon Fire

Have you ever been warmed
By a bon fire on a cool fall night?

A clear, beautiful evening,
Stars sprinkled across the blue-black sky,
The taste of a pending frost on your tongue.

You feel the glow on your face,
And consume with your eyes
An ever-changing palette of golds,
And tangerines,
And brilliant whites of the burn.

You smell the smokiness of the glowing embers,
As the wood is consumed, wholly.

You eavesdrop on the chatter,
Of nature’s fuel as it gives itself
To a transformation of light,
And heat.

But away from the fire,
There is an ever-present cold.

That away part of you wanting,
Desperately hungry for the
Brilliance and




And so it is for me,
Thinking of you now.

All my happiness,
And future lie before me.

By your luster and fire.

There is nothing behind me now.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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