Take the Long View

It wasn’t that the years intentionally
Stole their love and passion…
It just happened.

Two careers worth of
Daily pressure
Left a chasm of constant distraction
Between them.

Two kids now at college,
And an empty house,
Left an awkward intimacy
In the relationship.

But they pushed onward,
In more frustration than joy.

But one Seattle summer day,
They decided to make an excursion
To the Olympic Peninsula.

If not for the time together,
Then at least for the exercise,
And beautiful scenery of a
Mountain hike.

It was a crystal clear day,
Azure sky’s,
Gentle softness
Mixed with intermittent
White clouds.

Framed between the grandeur of
The Olympic mountains,
And Strait of Juan de Fuca,
They began their hike
To Hurricane Ridge.

Seemingly endless switchbacks
Came one after another,
But he… elsewhere,
Was thinking about work.

She, trailing, struggled to keep
Unsure of his intent,
And lack of awareness,
Of her.

But she pressed forward,
Legs aching from the hike…
Heart aching from the physical,
And literal,
Space between them.

At the crest…
Hurricane Ridge,
They finally stopped the
Race upwards,

It was much cooler at the
Than they expected
For a summer day.

The brisk breeze extended the cold
Of Mt. Olympus to Hurricane Ridge,
And in doing so,
Caused them to move close,
Then closer to one another…
If only for warmth.

But in that unexpected moment,
On them,
He opened his wind breaker,
And welcomed her inside.

To give her warmth,
And protect her
From nature’s infliction,
Even if he did so unthinkingly.

It had been a long time,
Since they were that close,
And though caused by the cold,
It forced on both
A certain, and beautiful

Holding to each other,
Perhaps now…
More than just for warmth,

They consumed,
The beauty before them.

To the south,
A jigsaw of peaks and crags…
The Olympic Mountains
Projecting power and grace
As lingering snow,
At the highest reaches,
Fought to survive
Through summer.

To the north,
The seemingly endless
Strait of Juan de Fuca.
A blue ribbon extending east
And west,
As far as both could see.

And in that moment,
Both needing the other,
To stave off the unexpected
Summer cold of Hurricane Ridge,
Their eyes took in,
Fully consuming,
The beauty cast in all

There was such a grandeur
In these vistas laid before them.
And as their eyes took in
This offering…

Both began to see…

Both began to accept…

Both began to feel…

That there is so much beyond
Their near horizon.

They saw with their eyes,

And felt fully,
In their hearts…

That there was something special

Now…in these views,
And for them both.

They simply needed consider
What was important,
And meaningful,
And special in their lives.

They needed to keep their eyes,
And love,
Looking beyond the problems
Of the Now.

And stay focused on

The long view.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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