Fire Flies

The fire flies began their majestic dance,
At sunset.
First one,
Then another,
A waltz of growing light.

It was as if small candles
Magically filled the void of inky space.

But together…

How could something so simple,
As fire flies
Scintillating in darkness,
Be so beautiful?

In considering the answer to that question,
I am reminded of this incontrovertible truth…

The pure, uncomplicated things in this life
Are often the most magnificent,
And meaningful.

So it is in my life,
With you.

I need nothing more,
Than to be captured by the vision of your beauty,
To remind me of what’s really important.

The challenges and worries of my life,
The pending darkness that they portend,
Cannot dim the brightness,
And warmth of you.

Know that your brilliance,
Guides me,
Fills the void of darkness in me…



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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