They saw each other purely by chance,
That night.

Or perhaps not.

But in that glimpse,
Their eyes joined.

So many years had passed
Each life taking a different direction,
Rather than together on the journey.

But time past meant nothing
When their eyes met again,
From a distance.

Across throngs of classmates,
And across so many years…

Neither he nor she hesitated,
As they both cut short the current conversation
With old friends,
Making an abrupt excuse
For something urgent.

And it was.

Moving toward,
No… drawn
Toward one another,
Each closed the space
Of distance,
And time.

Passing others as they approached,
Brief greetings were exchanged,
But quickly ended…
He and she moved with purpose.

As they finally closed,
Near to one another,
Each feigned surprise,
As if to make this moment seem,

But it was far from that,
As each envisioned,
And hoped for…this encounter,
Weeks before.

Arms outstretched,
They joined in what they
Hoped would appear as
A casual embrace,
Like so many others
This night.

But as they fell in on one another,
The grips tightened,
Bringing each close,
Then closer.

He looked into her eyes,
And she…

Each replaying the
“What ifs”
Of the preceding years,
Each wondering,
What it would, and could have been.

Though, now…
Never meant to be.

And so,
For just one glorious instant of history,
Each held the other tightly,
Not wanting to let go.

Knowing with sadness,
And sure-to-follow emptiness,
That their time,
Their reunion…

Would soon be gone…



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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