Fall approached so fast,
As if wantonly consuming,
The last, faint heat of summer.

To be fair, he didn’t expect to
See her that night.
Full schedules,
Complex plans
Clouded the evening.

So he struck out on his own
To a small cafe,
For dinner, solo…
So alone.

Despite superb cuisine
And a glass, or maybe two…
Of wine, matching,
And heightening the flavors,
He left the cafe,
And empty.

Pushing the door of the cafe open,
He felt the ensuing closure, and
Coldness to this night,
Without her.

Out on the sidewalk,
He waited to hail a ride home…
Loneliness to follow.

But then she appeared.

The passersby,
And collage of city lights…

The mixture of noise,
And incessant urban distraction…
Could not quell her radiance,

As if sunrise approaching him,
Transforming his night…
And loneliness,
To glorious morning.

Without asking,
Or caring,
She now raced to him,
Parting the crowded sidewalk.

And then, they joined
The same space…
Excluding all else.

Her fingers reached him first,
Working to open the buttons
Of his jacket…
There to shield him from the cold,
But not her.

Now opened to her,
Those same fingers,
And now hands,
Pressed forward,
Opening the sides of his garment,
And encircling his waist.

Her chest pressed to his,
Her mane of hair,
Spilling over him.

A rush of warmth followed.

She embraced him, as if life itself.

And in that moment, his whole world…
All of him…
Embraced this woman.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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