He thought no one would notice…

He even practiced in the mirror,
Before leaving home…
His smile.

The party that evening,
Was meant for celebrating.
The host and hostess,
Were welcoming their guests
To enjoy the long holiday weekend.

For him…it was about the future,
Without her.

He thought carefully about
What he would wear…
An understated, casual sophistication
Was the goal.

And so…he left for the party,
Thinking he was ready.

Ready to find another,

And when he arrived,
The party was in full swing.

Throngs of beautiful people.

Intellectual conversation.

Fantastic cuisine, with
Perfectly paired wines.

He was introduced to several women,
Each radiant,

But despite the perfection
Of the night…

He couldn’t stop thinking of her.

Despite his practice,
His smiles were forced.

Despite his intent
To meet another
That would take his heart…

It all fell abruptly short,
Regardless of how hard he tried.

In that moment,
He realized,
With crystal clear certainty,
It was all a facade.

There was no other like her…

And for the rest of his life,
He would have to live with his failure…

Failure to love fully,

The only woman who would ever really…

Really matter.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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