Where Do We Go?

He had spent so many years at sea,
Carrying out the mission for his Navy,
And country,
While she waited for him,
Thousands of miles away.

Why did she do this?

Over, and over she accepted the
Separation of time and space,
Not knowing where he was,
Or aware of the risks he faced…
But trusting.

As he thought back over those years
Of duty and commitment to his mission,
The challenge of his profession
Impressed on her life,
He couldn’t understand why
She stayed with him,
And endured.

There was no logical reason.

Gone for months on end,
He left to her an endless life of struggle.

Why did she sacrifice so much of her life?

Why would she accept his path as her own?

After so many years, still, it didn’t make sense.

But deep down, inside him…
He knew.

She did it, because she loved him.

More, so much more, than he deserved.

As if charted on his ship,
With precise navigational certainty,
He knew the way ahead.

The path they needed to follow,
Was clear.

He needed, still, to commit his life
To her.

In every way, in every moment,
Their journey ahead was this…

He loving her,

And she…
Loving him.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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