Just Passing

It was one of those thoughtless moments.

His body was in auto,
Taking him to get a coffee,
Early one damp, cool morning.
The cafe was just down the street
From his still mostly empty office.

His mind, though,
Was elsewhere.

Foraging, if not fighting,
Through a problem at work,
He was lost in thought,
Struggling to discern a solution.

The damp cobblestone street beneath his feet
Drew neither interest nor attention,
While his mind focused on the problem.

And likewise, neither the warmth,
Nor beauty of the nascent sunrise,
Drew his attention.

Even as he passed the flower stand,
Tiger lilies being placed in vases for the day,
Flinging their fragrance…
He did not notice.

But by chance…

Or maybe by destiny…

He looked up just as they passed.

She… wearing a casual elegance,
And the lightest of fragrance,
Conveyed what neither the sunrise,
Nor flower stand could.

And their eyes joined.

In that tiny slice of history,
He saw her, and could not let go.

His legs pressed forward,
As if under orders,
While his heart, sensing this epiphany,
Thought otherwise.

She passed close, very close to him,
Eyes still committed.

And then they stopped.

Neither knowing,
Nor understanding why.

Perhaps each sensed a need
To rebalance a life where
Their minds were full,
But their hearts… empty.

What the future held,
Neither knew just yet.

But both were sure of this…

They were not,

Just passing.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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