Anatomy Lesson 6 – Her Mind

Final lesson for him…

As he thought of his lover,
Considering all that made her,
So attractive,
So amazing,
So sensual….

Whether eyes or,
Lips or,
Fingers or,
Small of back or,

Beyond all of these,
He saw
And felt
And was mesmerized by…

Her mind.

With her came unabashed brilliance,
Analytic clarity,
Unashamed pride…fully deserved no less.

She knew what she wanted.
And how to reach her goal.

And then there was her razor-sharp wit,
Made all the more edgy by a quirky sense of humor.

Her gifts were many…

But her mind was
Accurately critical,
Undeniably strong….

And abundantly…



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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