Anatomy Lesson 5 – Her Legs

As if pulling a silk scarf over my bare skin…

That was the feeling, an almost imperceptible
Glide of softness,
As if the slightest of breezes was both
Holding the iridescence of the scarf,
And lightly, lightly, stroking me.

And so that was the feeling of my eyes,
The same kiss of silk…
The first time I saw her legs.

Both smooth, and firm,
I could sense the softness, and strength,
Concurrently holding her stance,
And conveying a subtle elegance,
And power.

Each stride she took,
Created a wave of graceful movement.
Her legs, slicing through the air,
Knowing where,
And how,
To take her to a destination known
Only to her.

All I could hope for,
Was that she had chosen a path,
To me.

And then,
To feel the breath of her silken legs,
Intertwined, and beautifully
Caressing my legs…

Caressing me.


Next and Final Anatomy Lesson – Her Mind


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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