Anatomy Lesson 4 – The Small of Her Back

Saturday morning, trade winds gently
Urging the day’s awakening.

My eyes opened slowly to this tropical luxury.

Unashamed, and nearly uncovered,
My lover lay there,
As if simultaneously defining
The night before,
And defining the certain
Rapture of this day to come…

The day that lay before
Both of us.

In that growing glow of dawn,
The tussled sheets both revealed,
And framed,
The small of her back.

And simultaneously free-flowing,
I gazed at the privacy,
Knowing that I had
Her certain permission.

So, she lay there quietly,
Still in the peace of sleep,
But speaking to me.

The equal softness and strength
Of her musculature
Were abundantly clear.

Latissimus dorsi, external oblique, thoracolumbar fascia…
Structured, even in sleep.

None of those details mattered.

All I could think about,
All that held my heart,
And my passion…

Were memories of the preceding night.

My hands, on the small of her back.

Her breasts pressed to my chest…

The pressure of her waist on mine.


Next Anatomy Lesson – Her Legs


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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