Anatomy Lesson 2 – Her Lips

Nothing more supple,
Nothing more plush,
Nothing more enticing,
He thought…

Than her lips.

There was a deep Bordeaux richness,
A simmering iridescence…
Enough to draw the eyes,
But with elegant, understated glamour.

Perhaps she did not understand or accept
The resulting opulence, and attraction;
Or maybe she did.

All he understood, and accepted…
Was the desire she brought forth.

Just to approach her lips with his,
To feel her breath near him,
Slowly, like the rising tide,
Washing over his heart.

Then, at touch…
Singular grace.

That moment…
Her lips welcoming his,
Locked in mutual embrace,
Securing both now,
And forever.


And unconstrained love.


Next Anatomy Lesson – Her Fingers


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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